Positive thinking will give you unexpected power and health in life. By continuing to think positively, all negative things will disappear and pessimism will not arise. Positive thinking will create a balance between the brain and heart. If the two are mutually connected, all obstacles will be easier to overcome.

The mind is one of the determinants of our feelings, from behavior, character to mentality. If the mind is negative, the feeling will be less good. Meanwhile, if the mind is positive, the feeling will be calm and happy. Thus, positive thinking is very useful for both physical and mental health. With 2 aspects of health maintained, you can also go through the day in peace. Here are the benefits of positive thinking for physical and mental health

Increase the Body’s Immune System

In fact, activation in brain zones associated with negative emotions can cause a weak immune system response to the flu vaccine. On the contrary, people who are optimistic and tend to think positively have stronger endurance.
When a person is happy and optimistic, the hormone oxytocin- which is also known as the love hormone- will spread optimally throughout the body. This can increase the function of the body’s immune system to prevent bacteria that cause disease.

Maintain Heart Health

Positive thinking can produce a more orderly heartbeat. This in the end helps protect the health of these organs so that disease is not easily intertwined. The benefits of positive thinking for heart health are especially experienced when combined with implementing a healthy diet and lifestyle, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest.

Lower Stroke Risk

Recent research results from the University of Michigan create, people who are used to thinking positively in life have a lower risk of stroke.

Lowering the Risk of Heart Attack

This subject is still related to the efficacy of positive thinking first. It is known that positive thinking combined with the implementation of a healthy lifestyle and diet can prevent the formation of plaque in the blood vessels (atherosclerosis). This plaque is a precursor to heart disease and heart attack.

Longer Health Life Expectancy

A person who tends to think positively has a life expectancy of 10 years longer than those who think negatively.
These benefits can be experienced because positive thinking is one of the assets needed to maintain physical and mental health stability.

Increase Pain Tolerance

Positive thinking can make your body feel more relaxed. This is predicted to influence the level of focus on pain. In other words, people who tend to think positively have a greater degree of pain tolerance.

Producing a Health Tough Character

When faced with challenges, people with positive minds are usually more focused on fixing problems. They do not want to give up until the problems experienced are completely resolved.

Dealing with Stress

Positive thinking can reduce the production of the hormone cortisol in the body. The lower the hormone content, the less likely the formation of stress, mental stress, and other mental health problems.

Lowering the Risk of Anxiety

Negative thoughts are one of the aspects that can cause excessive anxiety. On the contrary, positive thoughts that are well managed can help you be free and free from this situation.

Wise in Making Decisions

A positive mind can help you take constructive steps in solving a problem. You also don’t want to be easily dissolved under pressure because you think too much about things that don’t mean anything about the problems you’re experiencing.

Benefits of Positive Mind for Health