Running is a sport that is familiar and practical to do. For beginners, to keep running consistent and stable, there are several tips, namely, start running at short intervals, don’t run too fast.

Use the correct technique, so you don’t get injured while running

To avoid injury, make sure you start running with proper technique.

Running is one of the most practical sports to do with a myriad of benefits for the body. Besides being useful for increasing stamina, can help train the endurance of your heart and lungs.

Even though it’s practical and doesn’t require a lot of special equipment, running is one of the most difficult sports to do because it requires steady consistency and motivation. For that, there are several ways you need to do to be consistent and stable.


1. Start Running with Short Intervals

The first mistake that is often made when you first practice is choosing a interval that is too long. The new runners usually have high enthusiasm to be able to solve the route targets and the distance.

Unfortunately, this spirit even forgot the endurance and ability that was owned at that time. For that, start with a shorter distance and duration that is not too long. Find comfort and give your body time to adapt to this activity.

2. Don’t Run Too Fast

Know that your body needs time to adapt and adjust its work and activities to running training. For that, start with a light to moderate running intensity.

Running too fast will make your body tired quickly so you will have difficulty achieving the desired target. So that this doesn’t happen, make sure to keep your pace and run and enjoy every movement and step you take.

3. Give Enough Rest for the Body

When you get through the first exercise successfully, you will certainly be excited to continue practicing the next day.

This is fine as a form of consistency, but you should give your body at least a day to rest and relax. This method is important to avoid the emergence of sports injuries and optimize the development of body muscles.

4. Run Slowly with Small Steps

Running can be categorized as a sport that is quite challenging. The reason is, for beginners who don’t understand the proper technique, will be a very energy-draining activity. This is what makes more tiring and difficult to do consistently.

For that, pay attention to your speed and steps. Make sure to always run at a leisurely pace with good posture. Take small steps that are more effective and avoid going too far as this will drain more energy.

5. Choose the Right Running Area

Most beginners will definitely question what kind of route is suitable and appropriate for them to choose. Basically, areas or running routes can be determined depending on individual needs.

Running along residential sidewalks will be a simple option that is safe enough for you to choose. In addition, park or urban forest routes can also be chosen by beginners. However, in this area, there is a risk of injury such as tripping over a branch or rock.

You can also run on a treadmill to get used to running at a certain speed.

Those are some important things about tips for beginners that you need to know. As a new runner, make sure you know the right technique so that this exercise doesn’t discourage you and keeps you motivated to be able to do it consistently.

Running Tips for Beginners to be Consistent and Stable