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The U S. Wins Its First Medal At The Beijing Olympics In Girls’s Snowboarding

A third gold evaded the 31-year-old, who faltered in her last run to put ninth. “Going into that final bounce, I knew I was going method too fast, and in the air, I was like, just do anything you can to simply land.” She made history because the winner of New Zealand’s first Winter Games gold medal.


“It’s a run I’ve been wanting to place down for a long time,” she said. “This season, I didn’t necessarily get to put that one down and to do it right here just means a complete lot different to anywhere else. I’m proud of that.” “I’m feeling so many emotions. Right now it’s pure excitement and happiness. It was an excellent day,” Marino said after her competition. “The climate was excellent. The course was excellent. The girls were riding well. I could not have requested for a greater finals. It’s precisely what it ought to be like.” Purchase should have been made inside 2 weeks of the worth change. Price matching doesn’t apply to eBay or different auction sites.

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