Wheel Gymnastics

The sport requires physical qualities similar to flexibility, steadiness, pace, strength, coordination and sense of rhythm where movements of the body are emphasised through the move, expression and aesthetic attraction. A good efficiency is characterized by uniformity and simultaneity. The competition program consists of versatile and diversified physique actions, such as body waves, swings, balances, pivots, jumps and leaps, dance steps, and lifts. The International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics was established in 2003.

In stage 7 in the United States, a gymnast is required to do 2–three, and in levels 8–10, at least three–four tumbling passes are required. This transfer is unique to tumbling and the trademark of the discipline.Double SomersaultThe tumbler launches into the air and rotates twice vertically round before touchdown on their toes. This skill is done in a tuck, pike or straight place.Triple SomersaultThe gymnasts launches into the air and rotates thrice vertically before touchdown on their ft. This ability is finished in a tuck or pike position and has but to be competed within the straight positionTwisting SomersaultA single somersault during which the tumbler rotates horizontally.

Embarrassing Footage Of Female Gymnasts

There are two various kinds of competition in tumbling, particular person and group. In the team occasion three gymnasts out of a group of 4 compete one run every, if one run fails the ultimate member of the group is allowed to compete with the three highest scores being counted. In the ultimate of the individual occasion, the competitor must compete two completely different runs which can be either twisting or straight however every run normally uses each sorts . A collection of tumbling passes are performed to demonstrate flexibility, energy, and steadiness. Men’s flooring routines normally have a number of passes that have to total between 60–70 seconds and are performed with out music, unlike the women’s event. Rules require that male gymnasts contact each corner of the floor no less than as soon as throughout their routine. In 2006, FIG introduced a new point system for Artistic gymnastics in which scores are now not limited to 10 factors.

This is may be accomplished as a single ‘full’ twist, a double twist or a triple twist.Combination SomersaultA somersault that is a mixture of double/triple and twisting skills. For instance in a double twisting double straight, the gymnast will rotate twice vertically and twice horizontally before touchdown. No triple somersaults or mixture somersaults involving a triple vertically rotation has yet to be competed.Competition is made up of a qualifying spherical and a finals round.


It may be very onerous to attach abilities if the primary talent is not carried out correctly. The new code of factors allows the gymnasts to realize higher scores primarily based on the issue of the abilities they carry out in addition to their execution. There isn’t any most rating for problem, as it can hold rising as the issue of the skills increase.

Men’s rhythmic gymnastics is related to each men’s artistic gymnastics and wushu martial arts. Stick gymnastics has been taught and performed for a few years with the purpose of enhancing physical energy and well being. There are a rising number of participants, competing alone and on a staff; it’s most popular in Asia, especially in Japan where high school and college teams compete fiercely.

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