For some people, cooking is often considered to be time-consuming. The way out then buy food from outside. However, it is often feared that food purchased from outside is unhygienic and unhealthy. If you are worried about things like this, try using sophisticated cooking utensils such as Instant Pot. This tool has many functions for cooking, requires a short amount of time, and guarantees healthy cooking results. The product choices are also many and can be adjusted to our needs.

Because of our busy schedule, we may have experienced times when we did not have time to cook. That’s why sophisticated cooking utensils are present that can save you cooking time and are practical to use.

This was also realized by Instant Brands Inc. from Canada. This company created a product called Instant Pot, a cooking tool that has many functions. The purpose of this tool is to produce and prepare food in a short time. The cooking time is claimed to be 2-6 times faster than ordinary cooking tools. The energy used is also efficient so that it can save up to 70 percent.

The food produced is guaranteed to be delicious and healthy. With this tool, we only need a little water to process food so that vitamins and minerals are maintained. This tool material also uses stainless steel and materials that can be recycled. Chemical coatings are not used in this tool.

Instant Pot is designed in such a way as to eliminate errors in food processing so that the food produced is not harmful. Each product is equipped with a security mechanism that varies according to the type of tool.
Instant pot is a pot cooker that uses high pressure heat. cooking using this thing has not bloomed. Before using it, of course you have to recognize this tool first!

What is Instant Pot?

When described, Instant Pot is a rice cooker, slow-cooker, fast-cooker, grill, etc. which are available in one package. Awesome is not it?
Instant Pot is arguably the most sophisticated invention in the culinary field to date. This multipurpose tool has become popular overseas because of its versatility. All dishes can be processed with this thing, although it is not as perfect as conventional cooking methods.

What can be cooked?

This product has several functions: such as frying, baking, cooking, boiling, and drying. You can cook at high or low pressure, or choose certain pressure settings for meat or stew. So, basically you can cook whatever food you want. Starting from cooking rice, soup, noodles, yogurt, eggs, chicken, beef (like this recipe from Corrie Cooks) and some can even make cakes. In addition, the instant pot is also equipped with a heater such as a rice cooker so that the dish is ready to be eaten at any time. Of course, ingredients can be arranged as desired, for example for those who want to diet can use a toaster and produce a healthier dish.

How to use it?

Using an instant pot is tricky because it has many buttons that can be pressed according to cooking needs. Some instant pots are also equipped with specific functions that vary based on the model purchased.
To use it, you have to install the parts from the instant pot appropriately, after that, just push the button according to how you want to process and of course the time needed.
there is also a device that is equipped with a timer and various settings for whether you want to cook at low, medium, high temperature, or keep warm. This machine is equipped with sensors and self-regulating features for temperature and pressure.
For the price range of one multipurpose pan is still between four to five million. But the price is appropriate for this one tool. The Instant Pot multi-cooker pot may start to be more reliable than other cooking utensils when it is advanced.

Instant Pot, Versatile Pot for Various Cuisine