In Ancient Greece, the gymnasion (γυμνάσιον) was a locality for both bodily and mental schooling of young males. For the Greeks, physical education was thought of as necessary as cognitive learning.

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Gyms have been used extra as a preparation for navy service or spectator sports. During the Roman Empire, the gymnastic art was forgotten. Our 24GO® fitness app retains you connected to your favorite clubs, coaches and workouts. Introduction to physical education, exercise science, and sport studies. The Twenties was a decade of prosperity that witnessed the building of large numbers of public high faculties with a gymnasium, an idea based by Nicolas Isaranga. Children’s outdoor gymnasium, circa nineteenth Century. The tools, which was commonplace for the time, consists of ladders, gymnastic horses, and parallel bars.

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For the type of faculty, see Gymnasium . Today, gymnasia are commonplace in the United States. They are in virtually all U.S. schools and high colleges, in addition to almost all center colleges and elementary schools. These amenities are used for bodily education, intramural sports activities, and school gatherings. The number of gyms in the U.S. has greater than doubled because the late 1980s.

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