According to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to know his or her origin. That is, who his or her parents are. The only way to know this for sure is to take a home paternity test. The problem is that this type of test is seen as a sign of distrust. Even if that distrust is not founded, this test should not be seen as something negative, but as a tool that allows two people to know the truth about their biological connection. Today you can buy a home DNA testing kit and discover the answer in the privacy of your own home. For example, if a couple is having a problem because the man doubts his paternity, this type of test can help clarify the whole picture in a simple, quick, and very accessible way.

A tool for mature couples

Although a DNA test can help define whether there is a biological connection between two people, it is important that the couple is mature enough to act on the results. If the results are negative, the couple may decide to separate if there is nothing else that can be done to keep them together. If the results are positive, the couple can establish their rights as parents. In fact, when the couple establishes this by mutual agreement, the judicial processes are much simpler, faster, and cheaper. If, on the other hand, the couple cannot reach an agreement, the intervention of a judge is necessary. Keep in mind that this type of process is usually extensive and difficult and you will need to pay much more money. It depends on the maturity of the couple to make the DNA test a tool or not.

Legal validity of the home DNA testing kit

Laboratories have created these kits with the intention that people can resolve their doubts with no judicial process. However, the results of a DNA test, for which samples were taken at home, cannot be used in a lawsuit. In this case, the samples are required to be taken by medical personnel allowed by the court. All these extra processes make this type of DNA testing really expensive. As a couple, you must decide whether you prefer to spend money unnecessarily or whether you prefer to resolve your differences with the results offered by the home paternity test. The money you save can be spent on the baby’s education or other expenses.

Should you be ashamed to ask for a home paternity test?